TV-Anytime Forum: Phase Two

The TV-Anytime Forum is moving its focus into a world beyond TV (i.e., beyond audio plus video). This is a world where consumers build their digital entertainment and information-rich lives around a digital hub. This hub will need to accommodate the many and various new services that the market demands: network and standalone games, information and educational packages, entertaining enhanced television, transactional services and utilities such as banking, shopping and smart appliances.

These consumers will also expect flexible content-buying models and the option to purchase and control how their content is distributed within their personal domains and physical networks. Service and content providers also want to understand their audiences and be able to deliver relevant content and services to groups, individuals or devices.

The Phase One TV-Anytime series enables audio and video search, capture and playback of content. It also enables segmentation and indexing of that content. Phase Two will specify open standards that build on the foundations of Phase One specifications and will include areas such as targeting, redistribution and new content types.

The key areas for which the TV-Anytime Forum now requires contributions are:

  • 1. New Content Types: Integration of content types other than audio and video (e.g., games, enhanced TV, web pages, music files, graphics, data and many other applications).
  • 2. Targeting: Automatically matching and delivering relevant content to profiled consumers.
  • 3. Redistribution: Moving content around among devices and systems.
    • Content sharing: Peer-to-peer distribution of unprotected and protected content over provider networks.
    • Home networking: Sharing content among multiple storage and display terminals within a defined private physical network.
    • Removable media: Distribution of unprotected and protected content on physical storage.

last updated: 19 March 2003